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Welcome to Troubadour Travels!

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Can you sing? Play an instrument? Juggle? Entertain people? Do you like travelling? Are you a professional soloist, or have you performed in a duo or trio? Are you an amateur with the confidence to perform in front of other people? Perhaps all of the above? Then this guide book is for you.

For both professional and amateur performers this unique guide book I have put together has the answers to the most frequently asked questions for performers young and old considering travel overseas. This book will show you how to have a great holiday and an adventurous trip while earning money for your trip by performing live.

Many may also wonder whether they should take their instruments along. This guide explains how best to go about it from the very start, including how best to check your instrument in at airports, and what else you should take with you. I also discuss which countries are your best choices for live performing.

If music really is the global language, then TROUBADOUR TRAVELS is the dictionary and guidebook for both inspiring and informing performers to adopt a troubadour’s lifestyle that most can only dream of.  This inspiring book contains all the common-sense travel guide information necessary for any performer, whether an aspiring amateur, a professional musician, a busker, a poet, an artist, a solo singer or any other form of entertainer.

Troubadour Travels - the Guidebook for travelling musicians is available for digital download for laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones, as well as the hard copy version.






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